Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I like PPP!!!

Hi all. Im one of the newer posties for ppp and im just 1 post old. Ever since my friend Babbu started earning through writing reviews for ppp, I started liking ppp and badly wanted to be a part of ppp. Now, Babbu is one of our main reasons why we guys have started earning with ppp. Thanks to him. And there are also my fellow blogomaniacs mahesh, sid, raja who are also minting money through this payperpost. The best part of PPP is the money which PPP offers and the noble causes which PPP is striving for. For example, I have seen some very good PPP sponsored posts for some very noble causes in ma fellow friend's blogs. About how I signed up is that, I came to know of PPP through a referral and I joined it through his referral. I also hope to make some new friends through PPP and spread the love for this amazing programme. PPP also increases the visitors and our technical knowledge equally. It gives equal opportunities to bloggers and the advertisers and thats where payperpost stands out from other paying websites. So, thats why i LUV PPP and wanna spread the Love!!!