Monday, January 02, 2012

Say Hi to 2012!

A recap to 2011 :
So, 2011 is finally over! One of the longest years of my life, I should say. Started 2011 with so much anxiety about life. Sailed through my final semester and graduated in May 2011. Found that Masters was easier than my Undergraduate program. I am sure some people would kill me seeing this.
The next most important thing was the job search. Started applying way too late, but got a lot of calls. Screwed up most of them and finally, July 15th 2011 was the day I got a job offer from Cerner Corporation. Excited. Joined on the 8th of August. That's another important date, to be bookmarked in my memories! Then a series of unfortunate events and recovering from those, BOOM! 2011 is gone!
Hi 2012 :
Spent the New Year 2012 almost the same way in which I spent the New Year 2011. In a friend's house, with a few friends, something not many people would enjoy on a New Year, but I did.
The New Year's day was even better! We finally decided on a plan! Seriouslyyyy we did! Met one of my close friends of the recent times, and had a great time with a bunch of fun-loving people! A nice drive to Lawrence to pick up my best pal (also happened to be my 7.5 shenny :P) and her friends. Came back to Overland Park and had a mexican lunch, then moved on to a very slow movie, "War Horse" in which the only thing that was fast was a horse, sadly the screenplay was crawling! Then moved on to the temple where we were left with the disappointment of getting no prasadhams. :( Then, drove back to Lawrence to drop my friends and back home! Nice start to 2012! Ah and well! Man city lost! YYYaaaYYY! Hoping that India show some grit and determination in bouncing back at Sydney today! GOD - 100th 100 pls! :) & Yeah! 354 days to go for the Doomsdayy! :D Happy new year everyone! And after 3 long years, I am finally back to blogging!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

SlumDog Millionaire - A review..

Cast:Dev Patel, Freida Pinto,Anil Kapoor, Irrfan Khan, Madhur Mittal, Imran Hasnee, Mahesh Manjrekar.
Direction:Danny Boyle
Music:A R Rahman

Its been a long long time since I blogged on something. To be precise, its been 112 days since I blogged over here. So, finally, decided to break the shackles by posting a review on the latest much hyped movie SlumDog Millionaire.

The movie has already driven a really huge fan following after it won four Golden Globe awards this year. AR Rahman made us proud by winning the Golden Globe award for the best original score. The movie has been doing well in the box office and already it has been nominated for many awards for the Oscar 2009.

The movie basically is nothing but a 120 minute long film on all the negatives in India. The director Danny Boyle has shown the World about the black spot in India. Although there are many countries which are even more downtrodden when compared to India, Danny has chosen India just because here is the place where you can do anything and everything. You can mock at Indians and abuse Indians and we Indians never really care about those stuff. It is a real shame that the Indians, after watching the movie, are appreciating it but not thinking about why our country is like this. I have seen a dozen reviews which hail this as a great movie but the title in itself says what people in other part of the World think about our country.

The movie is basically about a guy from a slum area in Aamchi Mumbai who participates in the "Who wants to be a millionaire" show and wins the 20million rupees. Mainly focussed on showing the sufferings and sorrow of the people in the OTHER part of our country, this movie also shows about the destiny of the lovers who are separated in their childhood. But, as the director has showed in this movie, a person in a slum needn't be a "Know Nothing" fellow. And definitely he needn't be compared to a Dog. In fact, the world's most intelligent people hail from this amazing country called India and it is one fact that the director should be reminded of. I appreciate Danny Boyle's idea in portraying the miseries faced by slum-dwellers. But, I would have even more appreciated if he did something good for the betterment of the slum dwellers instead of minting money which he has generated through this movie.

In a particular scene where Jamal has to answer the 1 million rupees question, the host Prem(Anil Kapoor) suggests the wrong answer to Jamal during the break. It is later shown that he did that because he wanted to be the Hero of the show and that is why he gave the wrong answer to Jamal. I mean no host would have such an attitude and jealosy towards a guy winning a million rupees. Mr.Danny Boyle!! You have exaggerated a lot in this movie and still you are able to generate the revenue you wanted!! Thats the Generous India for you!! Jai Ho!!!

Bottomline: SlumDog Millionaire - An attempt to portray the OTHER part of India in the worst possible way!!

Rating : 7/10.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Saroja --> Oru Kannottam

Banner : Amma Creations
Cast : Prakashraj, Jayaram, SPB Charan, Premji Amaran, Shiva, Sampath, Nikitha, Vaibhav, Kajal, Vega and Chennai-28 team ( Special appearances )
Direction : Venkat Prabhu
Production : T Siva
Muzik : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Film Certification : U
Certification : U
Post Certification : U

After a long gap, its again time for a red hot review of a movie and I had been waiting for a long time to watch a decent movie and I just did that yesterday.
Saroja - A good attempt by the successful Chennai-28 crew and once again, they have emerged victorious.

The movie starts off with a song featuring Saroja who forms the crux of the story and that is the simple reason why the movie is titled so. And the next few scenes has the bubbling youth of Premji, Charan, Siva and Vaibhav rocking all the way. They start from Chennai to watch a Cricket match that is going to be held in Hyderabad. They go on a van and because of an accident, their travel is halted. So, they go in another route which Shiva says, is the short route. And then whatever adventure and action that they face forms the rest of the story. Premji is a jolly go lucky cricket fan with a great affinity towards love and Cupid strikes every time he sees a girl. Charan works in a company and is married and also has a child. His brother Vaibhav is a vetti guy who often whiles away time with his niece. And then there is Siva who is a TV serial actor. Meantime, Prakashraj is a millionaire and his only daughter is Saroja. She goes missing one day and Jayaram is the Asst Commissioner of Police who offers to help Prakashraj in finding out Saroja. What happens to Saroja??? Did they find her out? This is the story. With this simple storyline, the director, with good cinematography and background score to support him, has made this wonderful thriller cum comedy movie and this is indeed a successful attempt. The music by Yuvan adds to the success of the movie with most of the songs with its feet tapping music keeping the viewers engrossed.

"+" :
* The simple story line well etched to form a nice thriller.
* The comedy sequences involving Siva and Premji Amaran rock!!
* The Background score is good and gives the much needed feel that a thriller movie demands!!

* The initial few scenes are a bit too complex and it takes some time to know what the movie is all about.

Overall, a neat movie with good performances from everyone involved to provide a visual treat to the movie hungry audience.

Bottomline -> Saroja "Scintillates"!!!

Rating -> 7.5/10

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Referral system in cricket on!!!

Cricket is about to take a leap of faith in technology with the trial of a system that allows players to challenge the decision of the on-field umpires in the Test series between Sri Lanka and India. The umpire's word will no longer be final. The system has been tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, and in the relatively obscure environment of county cricket. But,after a shelved proposal to use it in the current England-South Africa series, millions of television viewers now await the sight of the first-ever referral to be made in an international contest. The jury is out on whether the move is designed to undermine the umpires or to assist them, but the acceptance of the system will depend by the decisions it produces.This also comes in the wake of some bitter incidents that took place, particularly in the Sydney test between India and Sydney. So, this referral system is bound to make a difference in cricket and most teams have supported it.

India vs Srilanka Day 2

The day was clear and the match started 30minutes earlier. Srilankans Mahela Jayawardene and Warnapura started from where they had left. Both played well and carved out brilliant centuries. Warnapura scored 115 off 202 balls with the help of 14 4's and finally got out off the bowling off Harbhajan Singh. So, when it looked that Indians could make a decent comeback, Samaraweera joined hands with J'wardene and both made sure that Indians never had any chance to come back in this match. J'wardene scored a masterful 136 and was scalped by Ishant Sharma. But by then, the damage had already been done for India. Samaraweera was unbeaten on 111 with Dilshan giving him company on 20. Srilanka were 422-4 at stumps on day 2.

India vs Srilanka 1st test

The 1st test between India and Srilanka commenced yesterday. The torrential rains in Sri Lanka made sure that the match got delayed by a few hours. So, the match started around 4 hours late. So, Srilanka batted first and were immediately put on the back foot by some accurate bowling by Ishant Sharma and Zaheer Khan. Vandort and Sangakkara got out early. At the end of the first day, thanks to a timely unbeaten half-century by Warnapura, the Srilankans moved to 85-2. So, The 2nd day is going to be an engrossing day as the Indians will be looking to get the Srilankans all out for beow 300 where as the Srilankans will be looking to consolidate and make a winning first innings score.

Chennai Crazy Fliers match 3

After winning 2 consecutive matches, we were extremely confident that we could make it 3 in a row in the Blue sky league tournament. We faced United CC in our 3rd match and it took place at MG college ground in Mogappair. They won the toss and elected to field first. For the first time, we had to set a target. We were on course because of a stunning 62 run opening wicket partnership in just 42 balls provided by Ramesh and Srivaths. but, Ramesh was the first wicket to fall. Then, Srivaths got out unfortunately. After that it was like a deck of cards. We fumbled like 9 pins and thanks to a last wicket partnership between the Tiruvallur guys Raja and Kumar, we got to a decent score of 135 in 20 overs. We thought it was a competitive total by all means. But, as me and the other medium pacers sans Vasanth anna were unable to find the right length and line, their openers simply flayed us to all parts of the boundaries. Then, Arvind scalped 3 quick wickets but it was not of much use as they romped home with an over to spare. Finally, Chennai crazy fliers slumped to our first defeat and this came as a wake up call for our team. Hope we perform better in our next few matches.

Alabama football

One of the most proliferous pastimes is sports. There are various sports enthusiasts and sports lovers and each sport has its own set of advantages and own dose of excitement and fun involved in it. Football is one of the best sport in the world and has the largest number of fans all over the world because of a simple reason that it offers complete excitement for the spectators for around 2hours. One of the type of football played around the US is the Alabama Football.
The Alabama Crimson Tide Football is one of the best of its kind in the US. There are thousands of crazy fans for this type of football. So, if you want to know more about the Alabama Crimson Tide, then the ultimate place online for the ample information on the game is One of the best sites which give all the information on all the latest happenings in the field of Alabama football can be got immediately from this site. That is simply the reason why this football is famous outside and the site is the main source of publicity.

Chennai Crazy Fliers match 2

After winning the first match, we, the Chennai Crazy fliers were on a high. We were confident of winning our next match too. So, in our 2nd match we faced the Krishna Sweets. They won the toss and elected to bat first. Their opening batsman looked to be the only threat for us. And as expected, I got on the wrong side of him, as I went for a few runs in my 2nd over. But, Shiva took his prized wicket and after that, Vivek and Srivaths bowled brilliantly as wickets kept tumbling at their end and finally they were bundled out for 109 in their stipulated 20 overs. In reply, we started pretty badly when Murali was out first ball. Then Srivathsan and Vivek steadied the ship. Srivaths got out shortly. Vasanth anna joined Vivek and together they brought the side to the brink of victory when vasanth anna got run out. But, Vivek made sure that there was no further loss of wickets as he and ramesh finished things off with around 5 overs to spare. And we, the Chennai Crazy Fliers won by a confortable 7 wicket margin.

Medical software

One of the ever blooming and evergreen field is the field of medical sciences. Here, there is always place for new innovations and discoveries. For instance, in previous years, there weren't medicines discovered for some deadly diseases. But, now, those diseases are curable indeed with the discoveries of new medicines. Apart from this, one more thing is that, you needed to go to a physician to get drugs for curing. But, now there are sites which offer free medical PDA software through which you can get drug information online. You can consult physicians online without even meeting them in person. This free software offered by epocrates is available on all platforms making it the best mobile drug.
This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Latest Music reviews

Music is one thing that keeps me happy most of the time. It relieves me from all the depression and worries that I have had to undergo at times. So, in the last few weeks, a bunch of good movies have released their audio. Having heard all the songs in these movies, in this post, I would like to do a review on which is the best musical movie according to me. The audio released for the movies Jeyam Kondaan, Sakkarakatti, Kuselan, Dhaam Dhoom and Saroja. My top 5 are in the following order :

No 5 -> Kuselan featuring Pasupathy, Meena, Rajnikanth and Nayanthara. Music is done by the young GV Prakash. This movie was initially slated to be a Pasupathy starrer and Rajni playing a cameo role. But, its now a Rajni starrer. But, sadly, the music of the movie doesn't impress much. The song Cinema Cinema by Shankar Mahadevan sounds good. Also on the melody side, Chaaral thooral by Shreya Goshal soothes our ears.

No 4 -> Jeyam Kondaan featuring Vinay, Bhavana and Lekha Washington. Music is being handled by Vidyasagar. Almost all the songs are melodies which suggest that this movie is an out and out musical movie. Adai Mazhai Kalam sung by Karthik, Adhai Koodava by Shreya Goshal and Ore Or naal by Benny Dhayal are some songs that impress me in this movie.

No 3 -> Saroja starring a part of the Chennai 28 team. The music is being handled by the inimitable Yuvan Shankar Raja who has been providing a youthful music for a long time now. The first song that comes to my mind is ITS MY LIFE sung by Tanvi. Its the first song with english lyrics from start to end. It rocks because of the voice which the girl renders. Then, I liked Dosth Bada Dosth sung by Haricharan, Naveen and Rahul Nambiar. Then, the other songs are also good to hear and although some of them may resemble the same genre, they are of course bearable to hear.

No 2 -> Sakkarakatti featuring Shanthanu, Ishitha and Vedika. Music is handled by the one and only King of Music AR Rahman. That is what makes the music special. All the songs carry the ARR magical touch in it. Although the songs aren't too overwhelming, in the songs released so far, this movie's songs sound better than others. That is what makes ARR so special. My favorite number from this movie is Taxi Taxi sung by the trio of Benny Dayal, Blaaze and Vivan Chaix. The songs sound western with pucca tamil lyrics and hence the song itself sounds westernized. My favorite melody from this song being Marudhaani sung by the latest sensation Madhushree whose voice resembles the sweet Sadhana Sargam. Also I miss you da comes in to my favorites list thanks to Chinmayi. This movie's songs may not be an out and out ARR feast. But, definitely, its an ARR mini tiffin. ;)

No 1 -> Dhaam Dhoom starring Jeyam Ravi and Kangana Ranaut. This one is a special one dedicated to the late director and cinematographer Jeeva. Harris Jeyaraj has given him the perfect homage by rendering one of his best music for this movie. As many as 5 songs impressed me in this movie. Starting with the melody. Sakiye by Bombay Jayashree, the rap genre Pudhu Pudhu sung by Suchitra and Benny Dayal, the male solo melodies Azhiyilae by Haricharan and Anbe En Anbe by Harish Raghavendra and finally the fast beat Thikku Thikku by Sayonara Philip and Benny Dayal, this movie's music is surely, according to me, the hit of the season.

Thanks for patiently reading my musical review. Pour in your positives and negatives on the post as well as your arguments about my ratings as comments.

P.S. A recently released music of the movie Sathyam is expected to be a total crap. Try it at your own risk.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A great outing finally...

It had been ages since we last went for an outing. So, we decided that we can go to Mahabalipuram - A tourist spot some 35kms from tambaram. As most of us had bikes with us, we decided to go in bike to Mahabalipuram. We had 4 bikes but 10 members. So, we tried for a bike with my friends but none of us were of much help. Finally, we got a bike from one of our college mates, Murugappan who was generous enough to lend his Discover 125cc to a reckless Samba. ( U hav great guts mate!!! ). So, we decided to assemble in Vandalur zoo by 12pm. Sriram and Seval were the first to come in a splendor at around 12.15pm. Then, Oi and Satti came at around 12.30pm. I joined them by around 12.35pm and Santhosh and Raja joined us by 12.40pm. Since Kudi was coming from nanganallur, he told that he would join us directly at kelambakkam. Samba as usual was late and hence, mahesh and samba asked us to start. So, Meself, satti and sano in my glamour(Triples). Oi with raja in his Max 100 and Sriram and Seval. We reached Kelambakkam in half an hour. But couldn't find Kudi. He called raja and told that he was waiting in Kelambakkam. But the hilarious part was that Kudi was waiting in Sholinganallur thinking that it was Kelambakkam. So, we told him to come to Kelambakkam.

Then, the 8 of us started the cruise. Then we halted at a place because Seval and Kudi decided that the place was good for photography. The road was free and only 1 or 2 cars buzzed past us now and then. So, we decided to take some snaps standing in the middle of the road. So, we took some snaps and then started off again. We reached Mahabalipuram in around half an hour. Another hilarious part was that, just when we entering M'puram, we were stopped by a man dressed like a bus conductor who waved at us asking us to stop. But ironically, none of us stopped and we simply paid no heed to his continous wavings. So, we entered the place and we got a glimpse of many foreigners who seemed to have settled there. We halted at a hotel Anandha Bhavan when Oi's bike called it quits. The clutch wire broke off. So, Kudi and Oi went to a mechanic nearby to buy a new wire and fit it. Meanwhile, Samba and Mahesh had also reached that place by now. Only after he came did we know that the man who stopped us was none other than the man who collected money to enter into Mahabalipuram since it was a tourist spot. ;)

Then, we all had lunch and went to our first spot which was the shore temple. We entered that and immedaitely the whole place was abuzz. The security kept on whistling at us because everytime one of us kept troubling him. Then, when we decided that it was boring enough in the shore temple and having taken enough snaps, we then went to beach. Seeing the water, Raja- The King in Water ran like a mad dog and dived splash into the beach without realising that he had his purse and mobile phone in the pockets. He came out with his mobile phone fully wet with a sheepish smile in his face. I really hope that the damn mobile is gone for good. ;) Then, all of us entered into the beach and we enjoyed like never before in the water. Seval was meanwhile busy taking snaps of all that was happening around, in the beach.

Then, at around 6pm, we decided that it was too late. So, all of us came out and changed. Then came Sampath anna's friends 2 of whom were foreigners. Kudi immedaitely recognized them and he began to talk with them. Then, we took some group snaps and then we also helped a beautiful, romantic couple by taking their snaps as per their request. Then, we started off and went straight to A2B. Had a sumptous dinner and drove off along the ECR. Inspite of Seval's repeated warnings that the route through Kelambakkam was unsafe because of lack of lights, I was the only one who took the route through Kelambakkam and half way through I realised that he was afterall correct. But, with no other go, I rode through the dark road and finally reached my home at around 9pm. It was overall a great day for all of us as we thorughly enjoyed the trip. Hoping for more such memorable trips before we end up fucked up to our pc's in a few months time.

Starring : Vinod as Seval, Sriram, Raja, Santhosh as Sano, Shankar as Satti, Mahesh, Samba, Harish as Oi, Sathish as Kudi and finally me, Vijay.

Also starring : TVS Max 100 R, Hero Honda Splendor, Hero Honda Glamour, Bajaj CT 100 and Bajaj Discover 125.

Special thanks to Murugappan for his generosity in lending us a bike. Cya!!!


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The old rivalry has begun...

The old rivalry between England and South Africa has started again and it is now going to be a bit tougher. The 1st test match is scheduled to start today. It's going to be a damp week in St John's Wood. Near-incessant rain has forced both teams into the indoor nets for the past three days, and the covers have been camped on the wicket. Thursday, however, does promise to be sunny in places, and the phenomenal drainage of the Lord's outfield means that there may yet be more play than one could normally anticipate in such conditions. Nevertheless, if the match gets underway amid heavy cloud cover, it could well be a good time to bowl first. So, lets wait and watch the first day's play.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Kuselan release dates confirmed...

The Rajni-Nayanthara starrer Kuselan was scheduled to be released on August 15th. But, since thursday is a lucky day for Rajni, the movie's release dates have been preponed. Sources suggested that Kuselan is going to be released on July 31st. The movie which is a remake of the Malayalam movie Katha Parayumpol has Pasupathy and Meena in the lead and Rajni playing a cameo role which is expected to last for more than an hour. GV Prakash Kumar is the music director for the movie and the movie is directed by P Vasu.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chennai Crazy Fliers fly high...

In our first league match in the Blue sky league which was against the team Templast, we won the match comfortably by 5 wickets. We won the toss and chose to field first. Many including the umpires were amazed at our decision because, usually in Blue sky league matches, the team which wins the toss bats first and piles up a mammoth score which is difficult to surpass. But, we the Chennai Crazy fliers chose to field instead. Our squad is:
1) Ramesh (captain cum wicket keeper)
2) Srivathsan
3) Murali
4) Vasanth
5) Hemakumar
6) Sambashiva
7) Raghavan
8) Shiva
9) Sathish
10) Vijay
11) Raja

The new ball was shared by me and Vasanth anna. I started off badly with a boundary off my first ball. But, later on, both of us bowled very well and we were able to remove the openers early. In the first 6 overs, we conceded just 18 runs and took 2 wickets. Then it was the turn of our spinners Raghi and Srivaths who bolwed amazingly well in tandem. The batsmen couldn't quite cope up with their spin and wickets continued to tumble at regular intervals. The Templast team looked set to be bowled out for around 80 but their lower order hit some lusty blows off both the spinners and finally they were bundled out for 99 in 19.3 overs. Srivaths took 3 wickets and Raghi, Vasanth anna and meself took 2 wickets each. There was one runout. Raja was unlucky not to get any wicket but he bowled an amazing line and length that too on a consistent basis to control the score midway. So, chasing a target of 100, our openers Ramesh and Srivaths started off in a great fashion by amassing 21 runs in 2 overs. But, Srivaths tried one shot too many attempting to pull a not so short ball and eventually getting bowled. Ramesh was the next to go snicking one behind to the wicket keeper. Murali went in and got out in no time attempting to play an ambitious pull and getting himself caught at mid on. Vasanth anna meanwhile played sensibly at the other end. Hemkumar walked in at the fall of Murali's wicket. He looked to be in solid touch but was controversially run out thanks to some poor umpiring. He did not trouble the scorers. Samba walked in next. Both he and Vasanth anna put up a match winning partnership. Samba was at his menacing best hitting as many as 4 boundaries and Vasanth anna was not far off either. But when it all looke to be the end for the Templast, Samba got out caught and bowled after playing a well played 22. Raghi was sent in next and he played very sensibly along with Vasanth Anna. Raghi played singles and hit the odd balls for boundaries. Vasanth anna mean while was seeing the ball like a football. In the end, he ended the game in the 15th over with a straight six followed by a leg glance to the fine leg boundary to seal the match for the Chennai Crazy fliers. We reached the target of 100 in 14.3 overs. The Man of the Match award was won by Vasanth anna for his all round performance of 36*, 2-14 and also took 3 catches. So, we, the Chennai Crazy Fliers started our tourney with a win. Hope that we keep up the good form.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Asia cup updates...

In this version of the Asia Cup 08, only one team is in a winning streak right now and it is none other than Dhoni's Men in Blue. they have won matches against Hong Kong, Pakistan and today they beat Bangladesh pretty convincingly by 7 wickets. Raina has been in great touch in this series. He has amassed more than 300 runs in this Asia Cup and is now the leading run scorer. He has also won the man of the match award in all 3 matches in this Asia cup. He has also scored 2 centuries in this series so far in just 3 outings. So, he surely has made a great comeback into the Indian side. Gambhir is also in good touch and so is Sehwag. Even yuvraj and Dhoni are in fine nick. The 2 batting worries in the team are Uthappa and Rohit sharma. So, if India continues this formidable performance, then they can lay hands on the Asia cup this year. They now face another team that is unbeaten which is Srilanka. So, lets wait and see whether India can cross the Lankan hurdle.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tremors in Chennai..

Yesterday it was a day when people in Chennai got into a panic because of tremors in their places. The meteorological department said in a news that some places around Chennai like Koyambedu, Kodambakkam and TNagar recorded tremors measuring upto 6.2 on the Richter scale. They also stated that this was because of the earthquake that shook the Andaman & Nicobar islands with the richter scale measuring around 6.7. So, this sudden tremor has shook the people but the department has asked the people not to panic or worry about this tremor.

Wimbledon time..

The first week at Wimbledon turned out to be an upset week for some of the top seeds as they unexpectedly crashed out of the best grand slam. It all started on day three when the Serb and World no3 Novak Djokovic was beaten convincingly in straight sets by Marat Safin 6-4, 7-6, 6-2. Then on Day four, one of the biggest upsets was made when my favorite Maria Sharapova lost miserably to unseeded Alla Kudryavsteva again in straight sets 6-2, 6-4. Meanwhile former world no1 Andy Roddick was beaten by the young Serb Janko Tipsarevic 6-7, 7-5, 6-4, 7-6. Also Amelie Mauresmo was beaten by Serena Williams although this cannot be termed as an upset. And finally on Day 5, it was the turn of World no1 and French Open Champion Ana Ivanovic who was defeated by Zheng Jie 6-1 6-4. So, with most of the top seeds tumbling like nine pins, lets see what else does Wimbledon has in store for us.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bluesky league...

In another couple of days time, we guys are going to play the first match of the blue sky league. It is our first tournament apart from the college match that we have played. We have paid 12000rs and joined this league. We have got 6 matches to prove ourselves. Our team is being captained by Ramesh of Tagore engg college. The people who are going to play from our college are, myself, Raja, Samba and Sathish. The other guys are going to be Ramesh's friends. We are hoping to play a good game and try to win as many matches as possible. This sunday its going to be our first game and its going to be held at AM Jain college grounds, Meenambakkam. The time isn't scheduled yet. So, I really hope that we will do our best.