Friday, September 14, 2007

A flurry of happy moments!!!

First of all, Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi to all.. Ganapathy bappa morya, Mangal moorthi vinayaka!!! Today, the september 15th, 2007, the day which started right through out in happiness.. I was watching the match yesterday between India and Pakistan.. Was praying for an Indian win!! India needed to maintain their unbeaten record in World cups against arch rivals, Pakistan.. And eventually, the match ended this morning at around 1.30am with India stamping their class by beating Pakistan once again in World Cup.. But this time in the 20-20 version.. So, u know the victory margin?? Well,... India beat Pakistan 3-0... Will explain the match in the next post.. So, that was one happy moment when the Indians celebrated their victory!!! And at around 12.30 am, I received a call from my Periyamma and as I was in the flat alone, I got to get the first news!! That My dear Brother had become a father of a baby girl... I went downstairs and told my grandies and my aunt and uncle... Meanwhile, they were so excited that I sneaked through and switched on my PC and came online to find a $5 post in blogitive... After reserving it, I came back to my flat to finish the match which was by then heading for a humdinger!! And finally at around, 1.45am, Babbu called up and asked about the match.. I asked him where he was.. Wonder what was the answer??? Well... He was laying roads with the rest of his friends in Thiruvanmiyur... Now, this is what I call Power of Youth!!! Was happy that he was doing a gud job for the people instead of sleeping.. So, being a youth, we guys too wanna rock by helping others too!!! So, I take this special post in wishing Kudi a advance Happy birthday... His birthday is tomorrow!!! All guys and gals are welcome to his house!!!