Thursday, September 13, 2007

PPP rocks forever..

To say about PayPerPost, its one of the best things to have happened in my blogging life because of my friend Babbu. Its been around a month since I joined PPP and I am glad that so far I could make around $200 which is like a big bonanza for me. Apart from making around $50 through regular posts, I also won a $150 post which was PayPerPost's WorldWideWednesday opportunity that makes me even more happier and hence makes me to love PPP even more than before. Apart from earning some quick money through blogging, PPP also paves the way for ultimate traffic generation which is effective in my blog becoming more famous among some big bloggers in the country. And I wonder what I am going to do with this money. Dont have any idea on what to do. For now, I just want to write more and more posts for PayPerPost and become one of its best bloggers. So, I want to spread my Love for PPP to all. PPP, U rock forever!!!