Sunday, October 21, 2007

A boring day...

The day started with a boring wish from ma boring mom and eventually I came to my senses only to know that it was my Star Birthday today.. Since it was a boring Vijayadasami, I took a boring bath and read a boring paragraph from a boring book called POM.. This was actually a subject for my 6th semester... or the 5th semester.. Im not sure.. Then, had a nice meal and feeling too lazy to switch on ma boring PC, I decided that it would be my TV instead.. Much to my relief, I watched Baasha on Ktv and then after it was over, I switched channels only to find Sullan on Suntv.. At around 12, the power went off and even my power went off, cos to my surprise or even my mother's I had actually dozed off and when I woke up, I saw Vijay in Bhagavathy.. OMG!!! It was 4.15pm!!! So, I missed out my cricket and Quiz conducted by Vichu and watched the film although, it was starting to bore me.. At around 7pm, the bore continued with some dance shows and at around 8pm, again, much ot my relief, it was Sims decorating my TV screen with Vaali in KTv... And, after watching half the film, I got bored and came online... After chatting wid sum friends, its now too boring... So, I have decided to bore the readers with this boring post on my blog.. The only good thing that happened was that I drank around 2litres of Semiya Payasam!! So, the boring day comes to an end and so does this post...


Mahesh said...

The most missed out will be vichu's quiz..
kicha and oi - team c
me,s.sriram,arvind- team a
hari,sundar,av- team b

The results
Team a- 70 points
Team b- 75 points
Team c- 50 points
30 questions grid quiz..nachu da..short but crisp quiz..vichu differentiated his old quiz with the new with the help of internet..

Julia said...

hu? ... what? no leave me... hu?
oh, sorry I must have fallen asleep ;)
I guess we all know these lazy days.
Hoe it gets better soon!

Greets Julia

Sundar said...

And what the hell were you upto today?

Anonymous said...

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