Monday, October 29, 2007

Cricket on a rainy day!!!

After a long time, I really enjoyed playing cricket that too on a rainy day.. It all started when Dilip and sundar called me to play in the evening. I had been to room to study for Practicals but unfortunately Dhadi wasnt in any mood to teach anything. So, after chatting for sometime and having some snacks(Treat by Kudi), all others went for the match between Boobu's team and ours. But, I was in no mood for that match and preferred instead to play with my schoolmates. So, at around 4.30pm, we started playing amidst showers and we coincidentally started our batting with a shower of runs as well. Meself and Oi summed up 45 runs in 5 overs before Oi got out. Then, I hit a beautiful straight six( Actually, I admired it a lot) before falling the very next ball of AV... Then, we won the match, thanks to some good bowling performances all round and only Sunil could get some runs to take the side closer to victory. The next match, we changed pitch because of the heavy downpour and we won the next match too.. But, apart from winning the match what made this day great, was the Cricket that we played and enjoyed in this RAINY evening... Wanna play umpteen times again!!!
P.S. Dont use your mobile in rain.. Else, you just might have to service it, just like what i have to... Cos, my right hand, ie, my mobile needs immediate care or else it may die...


visu said...

hmmm... what can i say.. i was there in the match and i never saw any "HUGE" sixes !! ;) ... anyway my comment would be ... " sari pa , gather panra pa "

Sundar said...

seri pa Gather panra pa.