Friday, October 05, 2007

List of my blogger friends..

The continuation of the list is as below.. I have included the remaining in this post because of the lack of general posts.. So, I continue with the remaining bloggers as follows:
11) Santhosh --> Sano
12) Satheesh --> Kudi
13) Siddharth --> Sid
14) Swaminathan --> Sambu
15) Vijay (Meself)
16) Venkatesan --> Annachi
17) Arun --> Prof
18) Sundar --> Thunder
I also wanna tell that there are only around 14 active bloggers that are regularly taking up blogging.. The inactive bloggers are, Satheesh, Prasi, Kavin, Bala, Boobu and Swaminathan... So, I hope they redeem their blog as soon as possible and gain more through this amazing field..


Sundar said...

Feel honoured to have been included.