Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The plight of the sprint queen(??!!!)

She was the winner of 5 medals in the Sydney 2000 olympics.. She was the toast of USA... She was one of the most famous celebrities.. And incidentally, I liked her too for her agility in athletics.. But, what I have been hearing about her for the past few weeks have been pathetic.. I mean, why did she do that?? Didnt she have the ability to perform??? Many questions have now arised!!! Who is she?? She is none other than sprint queen Marion Jones... She was accused of using steroids which is a banned drug in Olympics as it stimulates the person... So, I thought it was a joke but it wasnt.. Jones accepted to have used the drug and has now surrendered all the medals that she won in Sydney Olympics to the Olympic committee.. Now, this is really embarrassing for a woman of such stature!!! The following is a video showing Marion jones admitting that she had indeed used steroids!!! This is a shame!!!
I mean she was in tears but it is indeed a great national shame and a personal shame as well... I hope, people stop using such stuff for the sake of winning.. This is just a game and you need to be honest in whatever you are into... So, this is indeed the end of Jones' career as she has bid goodbye to athletics... Good bye... Watch out for another good post...


rajath said...

it was right of her to surrender the medals that she won!! there is no use to use steroids and enhance performance.... crazy people!!! seriously!!!