Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sports which i admired..

Ever since, I knew sports, it was Cricket for me.. And ever since I grew up watching cricket, I also did watch other sports as well although Cricket stood above the rest... And, the sports that fascinated me a lot apart from cricket were undoubtedly, Soccer obviously, Tennis, Basketball and I particularly liked the Olympic games although, it happened once in 4 years... So, some of who, who made me to watch the respective sports were:
In soccer, it was Ruud van nisteroy who stole the limelight and it was like India when ManU played any team.. And, I had this affinity towards Brazil!!! The Samba gals and the amazing strikers and the Yellow color!!! They rocked!!!
Coming to tennis, there goes a long list which is incidentally not exhaustive, and the ones who made me admire the sport initially were, the amazing Croatian GORAN IVANISEVIC and the sexy German STEFFI GRAF!!! I just liked them a lot and just went gaga over them when they were playing... I mean, Steffi was the best in business and she, I mean really rocked!!! No words to describe the amount of craze that i had on her!!! Goran was a monster with his superb aces but a very soft person at heart... Well, I liked him because of his nonchalant way of hitting aces...I dint like Pete for no particular reasons..
And, now, more recently, it was because Sebastien Grosjean and Ragael Nadal that I continue watching this tennis stuff.. And,. oh.. oh.. Have i missed some one?? No.. Never... Who can forget the lanky sexy Russian MARIA SHARAPOVA!!! MASHA rocks in each and every sense and she is one whole WOMAN!!!
And, the next one, basketball, well... This was one game which I watched just for one team!!! Los Angeles Lakers!!! Shaquille O' Neal and Kobe Bryant simply rocked!!! And along with Devon george, the team was one lethal combo!!But, Alas!! I stopped watchin it now!!
And finally, Olympics... I particularly loved to watch the 100m dash, hurdles and the relay races and swimming!!! Peter van den hoogenband was one of ma favorite swimmers and in sprinting, I liked Maurice Greene and Marion Jones!!! They actually dominated the sport!!! But, I fear, Jones' present situation.. Pathetic!!! Very embarassing for a star of her stature!! So, ma next post would obviously be on the sprint princess(????!!!)..


captain lifecruiser said...

Well, I'm not going to comment sports, since I'm not at all interested in sports, but I just wanted to thank you for the nice birthday wishes, I really appreciated it :-)

ViJaY said...

Thank u captain!! I dont think one should thank others for birthday wishes..

captain lifecruiser said...


Blog warming party Friday 12th of Otober.

Every one is welcome to see my new look..... if they dare....

*ghost giggles*

shankar said...

i also like the same thing machi.... We played cricket witn our friends every weekends and enjoy the watch the sporting talents of each person.We missed to see the tennis matches because of the pay channel that the cable operators doesn't telecast it... However,regarding sports i love cricket and tennis very much... i used to see the foot ball match especially the world cup.... so keep posting more about sports!!!