Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tough day at the office!!!

It was a back-breaking day today that too with a back which was already sore, I did the biggest mistake of using my bike to go to the place where we enjoy the most. Symposiums... This was a day where whatever we touched turned gold. Whichever event we took part in, we qualified for the finals easily.. Although, we had to toil like never before to get into that online treasure hunt finals.. Then, there was this usual clash of events and eventually we participated in all events and did some justice to our class by winning all events although we were a bit disappointed with the prize money that was offered. Think this might well be our last symposium for this sem. So glad that we ended it on a winning note.


barbi bharadwaj said...

are you in a mission like
"one blog post every hour"???

24 posts in a day or something like that??

ViJaY said...

Nothing like dat bro... Lots of opportunities pouring in... Managing them somehow... Thats y..