Saturday, November 03, 2007

Minnalgal Koothadum Mazhaikalam!!!

There have been some amazingly cool melodies that have been stealing my heart of late. Songs like Sahana from Sivaji and Enadhuyire from Bheema really made me sit and hear them for umpteen times... Now, more recently, Otraikannale from Vel also hears good... But, the song which is really making me feel lighter is from the film Polladhavan.. Seriously, I dint expect GV Prakash to come up with this good melody. Although it might have been copied from some English pop crap, I liked this song, Minnalgal Koothadum Mazhaikalam.... Really cool song sung by Karthik and Bombay Jayashree... Will post in the lyrics as soon as I lay my hands on it...


harish said...

enadhuire is really good i hope