Monday, November 05, 2007

Om Shanti Om Vs Saawariya

After completing the previews on the Tamil films that are going to be released this Diwali, I was switching channels when I noticed this "OSO vs Saawariya" in one of the prominent channels. Both these BIG films are going hit the silver screens on the D-Day... So, thought of writing a preview on both these highly expected films...

Om Shanti Om:
The story basically revolves around 2 characters.. Om and Shanti... Om is a junior artiste where as Shanti is one of the famous actresses in the 1970's!! Om is a big fan of hers and deems Shanti as his biggest inspiration.. So, the story started in 1977 and ends in 2007!!! The character Om is gonna be played by King Khan and Shanti us gonna be played by the latest sensation in bollywood, Deepika Padukone!!!

Cast: Shahrukh Khan
Arjun rampal
Kirron kher
Shreyas talpade
Deepika padukone

Crew: The film is choreographed, written and directed by the one and only Farah Khan!!! Its a film produced by Shahrukh's wife, Gauri Khan... Muzik is done by Vishal & Shekhar and the camera work is handled by Manikandan...

The film has created a big hype among all genre and is expected to be a runaway hit!!! The songs are good and hope the film ranks better!!! All the best to King Khan's Om Shanti Om..

P.S. King Khan has presented Farah Khan with a brand new Mercedes after seeing the screening of Om Shanti Om...

Next we come to another big film..

Saawariya means " beloved".. Saawariya is the beloved who is always in love and Only the lover who stands the test of time…who overcomes all obstacles…who doesn’t care whether he gets the girl or not…
The story basically is about two young lovers whose passions almost consume their will to the brink of self-destruction.

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor
Salman Khan
Rani Mukherjee

Crew: The film is directed by the legendary Sanjay Leela Bhansali who has given us a lots of hits and made history in bollywood. Muzik is by Monty Sharma and the man behind the camera is none other than Ravi.K.Chandran... This movie is set to release worldwide on November 9th and is expected to match Om Shanti Om in every lines and serve as a big threat to King Khan...

P.S. Ranbir Kapoor is the grandson of the legendary stalwart, Raj Kapoor and is the son of the cute onscreen pair of Rishi kapoor and Neetu singh..
Whereas, Sonam kapoor is none other than the daughter of Anil Kapoor..

So, lets see the winner when both lock horns in a couple of days time... Till then, its Happy Diwali to all of u guys and gals!!!


barbi bharadwaj said...

nice post, i am expecting too much from the film.

btw, the linkt ot his page from dog a stray homepage is broken. check it out. every link counts!!!

harish said...

i hope saawariya to be a blockbuster...

vinod said...

Well i guess both will have a nice opening. Om shanti om is having huge casting. Saawariya is by sanjay and is having new faces... i think the competition will be good.

priya said...

am a big fan of sanjay leela bhansali so i hope tat saawariya becomes a huge hit..anywys its gonna be a tough fight as superstar SRK's film is also releasing..expectin a lot from both the lets wait n watch!!

vinod said...

So the winner is om shanti om. It seems saawariya didnt create magic. The story is weak and om shanti om has a better story though it is better mainly bcoz SRK is the Actor.