Friday, December 21, 2007

Am I becoming nocturnal??!!

Basically, Im a sort of guy who usually sleeps at around 10pm and wake up at 5.30am sharp.. But, ever since the holidays started, I have become very unlike what I was before. I now, usually sleep at around 1am but dont really get the sleep until around 2am when I enter into ultimate blizzzzzz and wake up at around 7am. At times, I have even woken up at 9am... Now, I dont know the reason of me becoming increasingly nocturnal nowadays.. But, I dont know whether it is good for me cos as soon as the college reopens, its then going to be really difficult for me. So, people, can u suggest some ways so that, I can live my life without much sleep ie Can I be fit as a fiddle if I sleep for around 3hrs per day??


Vinod said...

I sleep at 1am and get up at 11 am Dude!!!!!

harish said...

the reason is....u "GATHER" nite 10manniku mayla enna da vayla??
@ vinod....u also "GATHER"

Brand H said...

don worry da..I got de same kinda prob..But mine is quite different..I don sleep til 5a.m..then I sleep..I wake up at 5p.m..wat do u cal tat?? Its jus tat u r gettin used to de Local Time of sum other country da..:D