Wednesday, December 26, 2007

One day of my life( Yesterday) Part 5..

Then, it was time for our innings to start. We started pretty decently scoring at about 4 runs per over which was at that time sufficient enough. Although, I was wasting some balls trying for reverse sweeps, Aravind who was at the other end, kept the scoreboard ticking with his unorthodox shot making. Suddenly, I suffered from a small muscular twitch forbidding me from continuing to play. So, I chose to rest for some time, but, meanwhile, wickets began to fall and so making it difficult for us to get to the target. Then, I again came into bat and this time, I played better cricket dealing with 2's and 3's and suddenly we were in near vicinity of the target, thanks to some power hitting by suresh. I got out bowled on the leg side due to a poor concentration lapse. Sriram and Dilip got out in quick succession and suddenly, we were on the mats. Suresh tried till the end, but finally, we lost the match by 1 run. :(