Friday, January 11, 2008

CSkills - Equip yourself with Construction skills

As the world progress towards the new era more and more infrastructure is required to back the evolving technology. People with more business opportunities like to construct tall buildings with spacious structures. But it requires trained people to construct such buildings and plan other skyscrapers.

CITB is an online portal that helps people to learn what construction is all about. From experienced builders to aspiring construction engineers, it is good to understand the fundamentals of constructions and parameters governing the Construction field. trains people to understand what it takes to be a certified apprentice. Every trainee is accompanied by an Experienced trainer who assess the student according to his capability in practicals or hands on work.

Internships help people to learn and earn at a time and more than 5000 people join CAS and almost 95% of people get the CAS. Apart from learning the fundamentals of construction people also get to know about other parameters supporting the construction like Health and training.