Saturday, March 01, 2008

Quizzical Saturday!!!

Yesterday was by far the best day of the week for moi. Spent the whole of the morning chatting wid friends and was eagerly waiting for the evening when I can spend some time with my friends playing cricket. And ya, we started playing at around 4.15pm and we won the series 2-1 thanks to some sensible batting by our batsmen backed up by some fiery bowling by our bowlers. The game was over by around 6pm.
Our ever consistent batsman AV was gonna conduct quiz at around 6.30pm in Kicha's house. First, he decided against conducting the quiz because of the strength which was as low as 7. But, because of Vichu's persuasions, he decided to conduct the quiz as planned. This time the teams were shuffled. Team A consisted of Kicha & Oi(Deadly combo), Team B consisted of the deadly Sundar along with my quiz partner Mahesh and new quizzer Aravindh and Team C consisted of Me, Paambu and the multi-talented Vichu. Of course, Vichu waz our trump card.
The quiz was good overall and by the end, because of some haste decisions taken by Me and Paambu, we were left behind the pack with 45 points while Sundar team stood second at 65pts and Kicha's team lead with 75pts. It was then that the turning point of the quiz occurred. AV decided to conduct a written quiz with 4 questions. The correct answer carried 20 and the wrong one deprieved 10pts whereas, if u pass, no points will be deducted. We decided that this was gonna be it. The 4 questions were asked and luckily we had 3 of them correct and 1 wrong which got us 50 valuable points taking us to 95pts. Kicha's team got 3 right amassing them 60pts making them worthy winners. Sundar's team got 1 right and 1 wrong and so making just 10pts adding to their tally of 65 pts. So, we snatched the 2nd place in the written round. And kudos to AV!! The quiz was good!!! So, that made the saturday a worthwhile one!!!


harish said...

assault....second place..scene da graded quizzer

Sundar said...

Quizzing oru morattu vilayattu da.

Last but one question we were leading Kicha by ten points.
After last question, we were in second place.

And after the written round, we ended up third.

Namitha rox.

Visu said...

Assualtu come back ah ??!!
If we had answered the other ones we could have easily beaten up the deadly combo !!
Gather Quiz !

Vinod said...

Thanks man! I am happy that you guys enjoyed the quiz.