Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bomb Blasts rock Jaipur

The latest shocker doing the rounds is the bomb blasts that have taken place in the Pink city of Jaipur. Sources state that atleast 5 bomb blasts have occurred in Jaipur causing absolute mayhem and killing many people and also injuring quite a few people. The bomb blasts in Jaipur has cast a shadow of uncertainty over Saturday's IPL match between the Rajasthan Royals and the Bangalore Royal Challengers in the city. Bangalore have offered to host the game at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. "We have conveyed our decision to the IPL council," Martin Crowe, the Bangalore coach, told Cricinfo from Chandigarh, where the rest of the team is currently staying. "The franchises are discussing the issue. A final decision will be made tomorrow. We are going to Delhi tomorrow and will probably head over to Bangalore after a night's stay in Delhi."However, Fraser Castellino, the CEO of the Jaipur franchise, said he had not heard of this development and didn't want to comment on the possibility. Bangalore have already hosted Rajasthan in the tournament - on April 26 - in a game that the visitors won by a comfortable margin.At least five major blasts rocked Jaipur, the base of the Rajasthan Royals, with the death and injury toll on the rise. The Rajasthan team haven't been affected: most of the team is currently holidaying in Goa and the others have gone back to their respective homes.


rajkingme said...

Ya its so sad to hear that da... there are 7 blasts i got news from My today... death toll upto 100... en than ippadi panrangalo ? uyira mayira kooda mathikka matingaranga da... Ni mattum enna, people are dying there and u started abt IPL in the 3rd line of the post itself. Eppadi da India uruppadum ?