Thursday, May 15, 2008

Favorites in this IPL..

In this post, I would wish to pen down my favorite teams in IPL and the reasons why I like them. The reasons may vary from me being a fan of an individual in a team or because of the fact that I like the team as a whole. My favorites this IPL in the order of the highest priority:

1) Mumbai Indians : The Mumbai Indians who started pretty badly losing their first 4 matches are undoubtedly my favorites in this IPL because of the simple reason that the God belongs to Mumbai. They have come back pretty strongly in this IPl, winning the next 4 matches pretty convincingly and the latest one being the 9 wicket thrashing win over the Chennai Super Kings. the God is back bringing strength to the team and also the explosive opener J'surya is back to his bludgeoning best. The team is in good stead now with Pollock, Nayar and Uthappa backing up the other players. I hope Mumbai Indians get into the semis and eventually life the Cup.

2) Chennai Super Kings : The next favorite is obviously Chennai Super Kings because of the simple reason that Im from Chennai and I have got every rights to support them. They have been doing well but off late, have been losing some matches because of the absence of Hayden and Hussey. But, Dhoni is captaining the side well and many youngsters are doing it better in the team. the team lacks in the bowling department.

3) Kings XI Punjab : My next favorite would be the Kings XI Punjab. I luv this team because of 1 reason. Preity Zinta!! Man she looks so so cute and the expressions that she gives during the fall of a wicket or a six is superb!! Her dimple is too attractive too. The team is strong with the likes of Marsh, Hopes and the bowling dept is strong too. A main contender for the IPL cup. These are my top favorites. I would be happy if any of these teams win, but it would better be Mumbai so that the God can rightfully lift the Cup.