Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Deathly Hallows--> Super Scenes!!!

Though this post might be a late one to come out since, HP7 released a fortnight ago, since I read it completely only 2 days ago, thnx to samba, I thought that I liked some of those events that JKR had made it to happen in the Deathly hallows... Since, Im a gr8 fan of the superstar I like his types of movies a lot!!! For those who dunno what "HIS" type of movies refer to, watch his films like Sivaji, Baasha, padayappa etc... It shd hav a good start... Involves a lot of heroisms and finally few deaths and a happy ending... Although many of those die hard potter maniacs wont like ths type of end to her best seller, maybe she ran out of ideas and did the kodambakkam stuff!!! So, some of the top scenes that i liked in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows are rated as below:

Now, lets start with a bit of romance... Im talking about the scene where Harry, Ron and Hermione go into the room of requirement in search of the lost diadem ie the ravenclaw crown... When, harry continues to search for the crown, he finds himself near a romantic comedy where Hermione runs and jumps on Ron and both of them start snogging each other wildly... Harry, innocently asks them whether is it the time to do this.. And Ron replies "Kal Ho naa ho" and continues snogging!!!

Next scene that i liked was the idea of having 7 potters each of whom are identical and i hope this idea was possibly given by Dung... I thought he was a dung indeed but he proved tht he isnt one by giving tht nice idea... And one more foresight of moody that Voldy will definitely chase the potter with the best wizard was again using some brains, stuff... Harry, escaped with Hagrid btw... And Moody died btw...

And immediately the next scene i come to think of, is the way Voldy finds out the really potter... That was sum idea though.. The death eaters firing in all cylinders.. I mean spells...Spells hitting hagger left right and center, and suddenly Harry who was, till that time casting stunners at them suddenly shouts the Holy Cipher text "EXPELLIARMUS" revealing his original identity making it easy job for Old Voldy... Tirunelvelikky alva... Che che sorry!!! No locals... Great wall na china da!!! Taj mahal???!! No.. Sachin na India da!! Loosu na Voldy da!!! Expelliarmusna Harry da!!!
Ayyo!! Romba Mokkai da!!!

Next, I liked the scene where Harry lies unconscious or acts unconscious i should say... Voldy and his fellow dungheads proclaim their victory when Harry suddenly comes back and stuns the death eaters much to the astonishment of Hogwarts!!! JKR---> Kodambakkam awaits you!!!

And, another scene that i liked was the Baasha type dialogue scene.. Remember... the meeting between Baasha and Anthony in Gateway of india!!! Similar scene... Where, Voldy says tht snape was his most loyal servant who lent his life for him by killing Albus... Harry replies " Snape wasnt urs!! He was Dumbledore's" Gr8 twist in the tale indeed!!! Flashback reveals that Snape had a Oruthalai(single sided) love on Harry's mom, Lily!!! So, Snape wanting to hav lily's aathma(soul) to shanthi adanjify(rest in peace) helps harry in many ways... Snape turns out to be a Nallavan at last!!!

My most favorite scene in the Deathly Hallows was at the latter part or almost at the end of the book, where, Bellatrix is fired to hell!! Although it didnt feature Harry, I liked the way she dies!!! Bella killed Sirius!!! So, Harry had vowed to kill her.. But in the end, when Bella single handedly fights 3 of the weasleys(Not fred!! Poor thing is dead!!!), Molly cmes out of nowhere and in Vijayashanthy's style stuns Bella with her spells and finally greens her with light of hell!!! Gr8 ending indeed!!!

And, finally about the epilogue... It sucked to some extent though... I thought Harry and Hermione made a good pair onscreen... But, since Ginny cannot marry Ron who happens to be his brother, Hermione marries Ron.. And Harry marries Ginny... Lots of loopholes in the deathly hallows!! Which i'll try to come up with in my next blogging venture!!! Until then.... ALL WAS WELL!!!


AiShU said...

here cms ma first comment da vk*..lolz..
though im nt a follower up of d harry versions,i jus read it n had fun in d way u had narrated was cool..ur other posts were too damn gud..d lang was like tat of a guy next door..specially d nick name stuff too hot n spicy..ur intro always gets d highlight..gud work..keep it gng..may u rock..

raja said...

All was Well till you write this post.... Now i planned to write a book of my own "harry potterum maya mudichavikkagalum" rightly said by u in Kodambakkam stle with the help of kapathu :)

No Logic only Magic....

deepa said...

i agree, DH was a damp squib!