Wednesday, August 08, 2007

NGO colony BUSum Tempo driverum!!!

vijay: sollunga maam...

Wt hpnd???

aishu: hm ya

vijay: Enna hm ya??

aishu: actors in d scene r

our bus,nanganalur bus n a tempo

vijay: wow!!!


I mean accidenta??

aishu: nope

athan kidaiyathu

vijay: Anga dhaan ]kadhaila oru twista???

aishu: tat tempo had been chasing d 2 buses frm palavaram

vijay: What for???

aishu: tempo driver was really v harsh in his drive

at one pt there cld have bn a big acci

vijay: Neenga etti paathrupeenga...

aishu: bt fortunatley escaped

dnt disturb in d middle da

vijay: Adhan driver sight adichitae vandhrupan.. Lolz!!!

aishu: hahahha


vijay: Avlodhaana???

aishu: sudenly

vijay: Che!!! Sappa mattera poche!!

aishu: near d airport area

vijay: oh.. Cntinue..

aishu: d tempo overtook our bus

n had a sudden brk in front of us

our driver too stopd

nanganalur bus went n stopd in front of d tempo

tempo drvr got down n started to shout at our driver

both wer fyting


nanganalur bus driver called our conductor

vijay: Neeyum prasiyum poi velakki vitteengala???

aishu: n asked him to tke d tempo key n gve him


v wer sleeping

vijay: oh gud!!!

aishu: our conductor too did d same

vijay: Indha rana galathula unakku thookkama??

aishu: n nanganalur driver drove wid tat key

he went

vijay: wow!!!

aishu: wid d tempo key

tats it

vijay: Wt hpnd to tempo driver??? Unga veetla thanga vechuteengala???

aishu: big fytes after tat bw dat tempo n our bus

patrol came

v wer all asked to go by train

vijay: Super!!! Tamilnadu police singamulla!!!

aishu: conductor n tempo drvr missd frm d scene

vijay: Escape a???

aishu: and wen dis was happening

suddely v hrd sme other fyte by d side of us

wn v turned n saw beside us

der was a ptc bus

vijay: prasiya ezhuppi vittutaangala yaaravudhu???

aishu: in which der was sme fyte bw a passenger n conductor

vijay: Wow!!!

aishu: v all wer laughing at taty

aishu: n ppl in tat bus laughed at us

The End!!!


raja said...

the tempo, bus, ptc enna saravanan ithu.... Really good.... So thala made a contribution to your blog...

ps:some comments over here are irrelevant i suppose :)

priya said...

hey ena da andha bus,tempo incident..suthama puriyala..enamo nee try panirka nu matum dan puriyudu..

Dogastray said...

Machan i was there too da .. my driver blocked the tempo from leaving and for 5 minutes the tempo driver was wandering here and there..
our driver was gearing up for a fight.. but sappa ya podichi machi....

@ vinod ...

Its a competition da machi ... Just come and enjoy ...

Dogastray said...

@ priya (is it Kallis!!!)

The incident would have been more interesting if u had taken a place in the adamabakam bus .. just as u take a seat near the Camp Road tata.... the tempo driver would have realized whose fault it would have been....

Hope Camp road tata gets into some adventure..

vamsee said...

machi..nice thing to increase your post da...

vinod said...


Well I cant take it in the way you can dude!
It should be a good one and without any problems. Thats why i said like that in my previous comment.

Mahesh said...

vethu ponnunga da...thoongi thrilla korachutaangale...

you sema kalai da....inbetween dialogues

ViJaY said...

Hey loose!!! Itz d gtalk conversation between thala and me... Ozhunga padichu paaru... Neeyellam GRE vera ezhudara???

ViJaY said...

@Dogastray + @ Mahesh + @vamsee
Nandri narbargale for those comments... And, google adsense click pannunga da machis!!!

ViJaY said...


SSN guys r coming as our guests da... They will participate in Dumb-c but wr not giving any prizes to thm...

AiShU said...

wat a beautiful narration by d girlie"aishu.."chance illa...keep it up...

prabhu said...

i wasted my precious 5 mins

prabhu said...

forgot to say..nice attempt

Anonymous said...

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