Friday, October 05, 2007


Now, for those of you who think that this post is a continuation of the previous post, then im sorry that it definitely isnt one.. I hope everyone would hav heard of this term called earworms... For those of you who dont know what earworms are, its actually the set of songs that keep humming inside you all the time... I came across this term earworm in the blog randomcrazy thanks to sundar... So, I wish to share some of the earworms that I keep humming about..
1) Kaadhal Konjam Kaatru Konjam Serthu kondu sellum neram... Dhooram ellam dhooram alla, thoovanamai thoovum mazhai.. from Pachai Kili Muthu Charam
2) Egiri gudhithen kaadhal nuzhaindhadhu, paadhangal irandum paravai aanadhu, Viralgalin kaambil pookal mulaithadhu, puruvangal irandum meesai aanadhu... From Boys...
3) Enadhuyire Enadhuyire Enakenave Nee kidaithai from Bheema...