Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Getting better and better...

As, my blogging career is reaching a decent place in the bloggers world or atleast I hope it does, it has been increasingly difficult for me to maintain the quality of my blog. I am trying as hard as ever to increase my google page rank but in vain so far.. Although i believe that I can do it in a few months time and the first step towards this was attained when Raja told that my Alexa ranking was under 13lacs now.. I was a bit surprised when he said this.. In fact it was Sid who had seen this in a site.. I checked it out and to my astonishment, i was indeed among the top 13 lacs.. Hope I break in more barriers in the near future.. Which cannot be done without the support of my fellow bloggers.. So, i hope all of them help me in meself attaining more prowess in my blogging..


barbi bharadwaj said...

i am sorry to say this.
your posts are good, but your ratings don't reflect them.,

i just created a new website, 15 days back (only 4 posts so far)and i already have a alexa rank of 16 lacs.

improve alexa rank - you may benefit from this.

btw, link my new website .
i have linked you back there. :-)