Friday, October 05, 2007

Plight of the Indian Hockey team!!!

Topic Courtesy : Vijayasarathy.. Thanks to u.. Your topic has been approved just because of the simple reason that the present form of the Indian team is really terrible.
After India won the 20-20 World cup, money started pouring in from all directions to the Indian team and the amount was not something normal but something beyond that.. Now come on man!! 1 crore to each player and several goodies apart from that is something that I thought was what the men in blue deserved.. Though the Indian hockey team won the Asia cup which also needs to be lauded, they dint face teams of big calibre but i think. they do deserve atleast 20% of the accolades that the men in blue received because the Indian team is now playing like a local school team. I feel that the amount of Rs.2lacs given to each member of the hockey team is no way near to the amount that the cricket team received. So, i feel the hockey team deserves some more!!!