Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pollathavan --> Oru Kannottam

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Cast : Dhanush, Bajaj Pulsar DTSI TN-04 H-1386, Divya Spandhana, Murali, Banupriya, Daniel Balaji, Santhanam, Karunas matrum palar.
Direction : Vetri Maran
Music : G.V.Prakash Kumar
Film Certification : A
My Certification : U
Post Certification : U

This film Pollathavan released this Diwali along with many films starring some big guns. But, still, it stands atop all those films. An underdog, this Diwali, Pollathavan has got umpteen reasons to be on top!!

The film starts off in a dark place where Dhanush is seriously injured but still has bashed all the goondas and staggers along the road and rides home in his Bajaj Pulsar. For a moment, I thought that it was going to be another Pudupettai. But, I was proved wrong almost instantaneously. A flashback story where there is a flashback each for the Hero as well as the villain. No spoilers this time.. Cos, I have many things to tell, leave alone the story. Dhanush plays his part almost with ultimate ease. He is best suited for these types of roles. All his previous films which have been hits has him playing these type of a normal, simple guy roles which suits him best. This film is all about comedy , sentiment and a bit of action in the first half and complete action in the second half. Dhanush is an absolute treat to watch with his body language and amazing nonchalance in speech. The Bajaj Pulsar plays an important role in the film. It in fact forms the crux of the story.
Divya is something very different from the Ramya that she was in the previous films. She looks stunning in every scene but she can do well to shed some weight. Divya with the looks of a girl next door is beautiful to watch in most of the song sequences.
Next, Murali, as Dhanush's father plays a commendable role and needs to be lauded. Banupriya, as Dhanush's mother has been wasted in this film. Next, the comedy by Santhanam and Karunas really tickles every nerve. The dialogue of Karunas, "Machan!! Nee Kelen" still chimes in my mind. Santhanam too is good with his timing comedy with Dhanush. Next, Daniel Balaji once again plays the role of Villain although he is Sappa this time, cos everytime, Dhanush beats him in all ways. The other villain and his close associate are newcomers to this film industry and both of them do their job well... Anju, as the villain's wife makes a comeback into Kollywood. The stunt sequences are the best part in this film. Next, about the muzik, GV prakash has ensured that the film doesnt lose out in any area by giving some entertaining muzik in this film.
Minnalgal koothadum Mazhaikalam gets into your heart where as Engeyum Eppodhum by Yogi B gets into your mind... So, Vetri Maran is indeed victorious in his first film as director. Overall, a complete movie which is worth watching for all ages.

* The amazingly natural stunt sequences which makes it different from other films
* Dhanush's six pack in the climax, looks like another Bruce Lee
* Comedy by Karunas, Santhanam and Dhanush and the amazing muzik by a new director
* The newcomer Villain does justice. Hope he gets some more villain offers
* Divya with a mixture of hot and cool
* Murali is a gud choice to play dhanush's father and he needs to be lauded too

* Daniel Balaji adds into the negatives just because of the crazy way in which he has been portrayed
* Banupriya has been wasted in this film as she has very less scope to act
* No more negatives boss

Bottomline: Pollathavan against all odds, wins the battle of the Diwali crown!!

Rating: 6.5/10


priya said...

nice review da..a crisp one..and including the bike as one of the characters at the start ws gud..i don lik dhanush but wil c the film soon as its the best among all the new releases..

harish said...

dhanush looks too small when compared with that bike screenplayed, a tvs50 or a scooty wud have been bettr..the director has tried some what local, i wud say polladhavan " Nalla illa"

Thanga said...

Good review da.. I personally felt tat u shud have given specific note to tat selvam character(u have mentioned as other villain. Mentioning his character name atleas might hav done some justice).. His character portrayal was fantastic.. Quote on daniel's character was a good note in ur review.. 6.5 is a valid rating for the movie..


I'm looking forward to see this movie da..and i think the certification given for the this film is "A" and not "U".Divya really cool in that "Enimel Eppothum" song.

Jayashri said...

hey looking forward to c...the movie...nice compilation da..

deepa said...

hmm... good one u ve got thr!!! u re learning de ropes fast, man!

deepa said...

n u ve also gotta laud de director for havin chosen such a different theme- a bike!

ajay said...

dude gud review!!
bt the song "mainnalgal kuthadum" has explicit traces of smackdack track by akon!!...mention somethin on that!!

Mahesh said...

Good review. Nice and different from your other reviews as u havent let out the story. Jus one more line would describe the story anyway. Dhanaush kaatula mazhai.avlodhan.vera enna solla. Remember the diwali program in which he told that films of big stars are comin and all that! Bikedhan..ellam bikedhan!(sorry for lettin out the story!)

Mystery said...

yea..movie was funny and entertaining....can watch it once..:)

Jeevan said...

Very good review, only want to disagree about heroine. I like the comedy "Machan!! Nee Kelen" a different try.

//Cast : Dhanush, Bajaj Pulsar DTSI TN-04 H-1386//! Cool ride.

Am Prasi... said...

hey vijay....
good write up da...
and a 6.5 ???? hmmm...interesting!!!
nice narration..!! indeed commendable da...and a nice way to include the bike as a member of the cast crew..!! :)

as per your review...guess..this is one movie which we can see..without getting bored!! well...hoping to see it soon after our exams..!!
whats next on your review??

Vinod said...

I saw the results of the diwali movies in the hindu. It seems Pollathavan is doing good business in city. Vel is doing good in B and C center. ATM gone. But the actual winner world wide is Om Shanti Om.

ramesh said...

chanceless movie....da.....i njoyd a lot.....thala acting superb,,,,,
ena da sharukh sex (six) packs.....nama thala six pack ha pathala.......

all well review s good.......

boobu said...

good one da
by the way
six pacs should be in stomach
chestla irunda aduku peru mar ellumbu

Ravikumar said...

the Film is completely amazing! Your kannotam is really good. Dhanush can still put some weight physically... Engayum song rockz

ravibala said...

Its a good film, good talent, good attempt.

Its a inspiration of By Cycles Thieves,

Vetri done a fabulous job. Allthe best for your future projects.


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Looks like some popular films!

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