Sunday, January 27, 2008

Luv & Hate

I was tagged with this post by Raja. So, I would also like to tabulate my list of Luv and Hate.

I luv to eat : Anything vegetarian. Anything spicy. Anything edible actually.

I hate to eat : Odardhu, parakardhu, neendhardhu and also odardhu podardhu and also anything that is green like drumstick and leafy vegetables.

I luv to go to : Hell. Because I have never been there as I live in a heaven named India. Apart from hell, I would also luv to go to Australia, Mauritius and Brazil.

I hate to go to : Temples, pilgrimages although Im forced to do it.

I luv it when : My friends care a lot about me so that I can effectively reciprocate.

I hate it when : its time for the results. (P.S. I don't hate it anymore ;) )

I luv to see : a running train, the beautiful stars, a lot of comments in my blog and last but not the least, beautiful girls.

I hate to see : people suffering badly.

I luv to hear : soft melodies and ear soothing muzik(English strictly prohibited)

I hate to hear : Pop, rock, jazz and jarring english muzik(Man!! It sux!!!)

I would like to tag this to my friends, Mahesh, Sambu and Jeevan.


Sadesh said...

Your view are contradictory to kudis view...
some of your view matches with my view also..........

Jeevan said...

loved this line "Hell. Because I have never been there as I live in a heaven named India."

will do this tag soon :)