Thursday, March 13, 2008

CNN-IBN Indians of the year

Its been almost a fortnight since the CNN-IBN awarded the Indian of the year awards. I had already blogged a few weeks back about the nominees for the awards and now, for those of you who don't know about who won the awards in each category, I would like to furnish you with all the details of the CNN-IBN award winners in each category.

CNN-IBN Indian of the year 2007 - Politics

This is one of the most important awards because it has now become a situation where there are very less clean politicians in India. So, awarding this was quite easy for the jury and the Indian of the year award for Politics was won by P Chidambaram for engineering a spectacular growth rate and being an astute economic manager despite coalition pressures.

CNN-IBN Indian of the year 2007 - Business

The next important category in which the Indian of the year award was recognized and awarded is Business. With the sensex going haywire and business going through a stretch of ups and downs it takes a great hard work to become a good businessman. One of the famous personalities who has succeeded in achieving this feat turly deserves this award and he is none other than O P Bhatt For showing how a public sector behemoth could flex enough muscle in the ferociously competitive banking sector.

CNN-IBN Indian of the year 2007 - Entertainment

Entertainment is one of the main source of comfort for people in this hectic world. So, providing wholesome entertainment is one of the toughest jobs and only the filmdom is succeeding highly in providing it to the people. Bollywood is a biggest source of entertainment and when there was a tend of movies which was largely centered on Skin show and romance, here released a movie which apart from providing good entertainment also kindled the true spirits of every Indians and they did it with the help of Hockey. Yes. I am talking about the amazing movie Chak De which was one of the great entertainers for everyone. The people responsible for this were Shimit Amin and Jaideep Sahni for delivering the year’s Best Idea film, Chak De, and demonstrating how a simple idea can be made a runaway commercial success.

CNN-IBN Indian of the year 2007 - Sports

Sports is undoubtedly one of the biggest crazes in India. In a country where Cricket has always dominated every other sport much to the glee of cricket fanatics like me and much to the dismay of lovers of other sports, the CNN-IBN Indian of the year for Sports was awarded to Vishwanathan Anand who has proven to be the king of chess. He is felicitated with this award for being one of the rare Indians to become the undisputed world champion in a sport and making chess a popular sport in India.

CNN-IBN Indian of the year 2007 - Public Service

The award for the Indian of the year in the field of Public service was awarded to the illustrious E Sreedharan, Chairman DMRC, for setting a rare work ethic and transforming the face of transportation by effective time-bound execution of the Metro Rail project.

CNN-IBN Indian of the year 2007 - Global Indian

The CNN-IBN Indian of the year 2007 award for the field of Globalization is awarded to Arun Sarin for piloting more than 11 Billion U.S dollars foreign direct investment in India, one of the largest ever.

Hearty congratulations to all these people who made us proud by being the Best Indians in their respective fields. These are the trend setters for young guns like us and hope that we follow these great personalities and hope to make some bigger achievements in the near future.

P.S. Also my congratulations to my friends Kavin Preethi, Prasiddha and Aarrthy for winning the CCI talent award for the year 2007 for their project Aphonic Articulator. Hope they make it even bigger in the forthcoming competitions.


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hey i knew this......
anyway happy to know that our clg mates rocked ...
konjam poramaya irruku..

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Though the post is very late,it is really informative.I confer you the title "GG(Guduvanchery Gatherer)....