Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jeeva -> One of the best...

Jeeva - The name itself means life. One of the best cinematographers that Kollywood so proudly treasured and boasted off. Its now almost an year since his demise due to cardiac arrest when he was shooting for his next movie Dhaam Dhoom in Russia. His death came as a shock for many people in the Kollywood industry as they had not lost a mere mortal but an amazing cinematographer who simply gave life to objects in his movies. Some of his movies like Unnale Unnale and Ullam Ketkume were hits in the box office and his latest venture Dhaam Dhoom is also a hi tech movie shot mainly abroad. But, because of his sudden death, his wife had donned the role of playing director in this movie and has taken the movie successfully. The music got released a few weeks back and it is an outright super hit thanks to the amazingly different tunes of Harris Jayaraj. So, lets hope this movie becomes a superhit and comes as a due respect to this great cinematographer.


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