Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wondering how??

I have been into blogging for almost 1 year now and I took it seriously just a few months ago although I had a blog that was almost a year old. Now, I wanna earn better than before and also grow the quality of my blog. One way to improve my blog is to increase the page rank to a minimum of 2 atleast and an alexa ranking of below 1000000 will definitely help. But, I m still wondering of the ways in which I can increase my page ranks. How to get backlinks? Y is my pagerank 0? Recently, I even used a page rank predictor and all it predicts is a PR of N/A...I also couldnt quite understand about the basis on how a page rank is predicted. And I also want to know about the generation of backlinks... Hope, Some one among my visitor is able to help me out on improving my pr, alexa rank and with it my blog quality...


pips said...

Sorry, I can´t help you. I´m new here, too. But, when I find out, I says your. :-) Have fun.

captain lifecruiser said...

Well, if you've been blogging in this blog for a year, you sure should have a page rank by now. Though there are a tons of advices when it comes to that subject. I don't have the time to help you out right now - or maybe even not the knowledge either, I'm no expert.

Have you tried reading blogs that's all about blogging?

There are many out there, this one is just an example:

SEO optimization for blogs

Search the net for blogs like that, with tips.

Follow the advices.

Good luck :-)

Eliot said...

Try to get a link exchange with someone... That always helps to get links and traffic.
Take care!